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If it is cigars that you are interested in, you will find all that you need at Park Avenue Smoke Shop. We offer cigars that are imported as well as those that are made right in neighboring states. No matter if you have a special brand that you love, or if you want to try some of everything, come and try the cigar selection at Park Avenue Smoke Shop.

Cigars around the world

All around the world, cigar smokers enjoy particular native flavors and spices in their beautifully rolled cigars. Check out our selection of imported cigars and down home smokes, too. We have a number of different countries and continents to enjoy a rolled piece from. Give a brand new cigar a try from Park Avenue Smoke Shop.

Buy gift sets

Have a favorite uncle or a friend who loves smoking cigars? Our store is the perfect place to purchase a gift set of cigars for the tobacco and pipe lover in your life.

Our selection

Acid 1400cc
Acid One
Blondie Belicoso
C Notes
Cold Infusion
Deep Dish
Kuba Grande
Kuba Kuba
Kuba Madoro
Asylum Asylum 13 60/6
Asylum 13 70/7
Asylum 13 80/6
Aturo Fuente Canones
Corona Imperiyal
Curly Head Maduro Deluxe
Curly Head Natural Deluxe
Don Carlos
Flor Fina Maduro 8-5-8
Flor Fina Natural 8-5-8
Natural Churchill
Natural Curly Head
Rosado Sungrown Magnum R Vitola 52
Rosado Sungrown Magnum R Vitola 56
Rosado Sungrown Magnum R Vitola 58
Short Story
Sungrown Chetau Fuente
Sungrown Double Chetau Fuente
The Lost City Limited Edition 2014
Alec Bradly Black Market
Connecticut Bland
Nicapuro 1685
Spirit Of Cuba Corojo Bland
Spirit Of Cuba Habano Bland
Spirit Of Cuba Natural Bland
Sungrown Bland
Tampus Maduro
America Legion American Legion Robusto
Ashton Connecticut Corona
Connecticut 8-9-8
Connecticut Churchill
Bahia Red Torpedo
Red Churchill
Red Robusto
Blue Robusto
Blue Churchill
Brick House Robusto Maduro
Mighty Mighty Maduro
Mighty Mighty
Cohiba Red Dot Toro Tubos
Corona Black
Nicaraguan No-54
Casa De Garcia Connecticut Churchill
Sumatra Churchill
Maduro Toro
Camacho Triple Maduro
Black Out
Criollo Robusto/Toro
Cuban Honeys Natural Dr. Kocher’s Robusto
Natural Coffee Robusto
Natural Cherry Robusto
Natural Vanilla Robusto
Natural Honey Robusto
Natural Southern Gentleman Robusto
Natural Drunken Truffle
Don Tomas Sungrown
Man ‘O’ War Man’o’War Robusto
Natural Drew Estate Jucy Lucy
Dirt Torpedo
Isla Del Sol Natural Robsto
Natural Toro
Natural Churchill
Jabak Especial Corona Dulce
Robusto Dulce
Belicoso Dulce
Robusto Negra
La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Reserva Divino
Mi Amor Megnifico
Especial Edition No-3
Gran Reserva Gran Habano Grandioso No-5
Loyal Torano Robusto
Torano Churchill
J.Fuego 777 Zero Robusto
777 Zero Grande
Leccia Black&White Robusto
Black&White Toro
El Castigo Luchador
Smoking Monk American Ipa
UnderCrown Maduro Robusto
Montecricto Jacapo No-2
Classic Serie Robusto
Classic Serie Toro
Classic Serie Churchill
Classic Serie Torpedo No-2
White Serie Robusto
White Serie Toro
White Serie Churchill
Macanudo Crystal Café
Portofino Café
Hampton Court Café
H.R.H Prince Phillis
Gold Lable Tudor
Hyde Park Café
Liga Privada Robusto Oscuro No-9
Gurkha Park Avenue Natural Toro
Park Avenue Natural Churchill
Park Avenue Maduro Toro
Park Avenue Maduro Churchill
H.Upmann Havoc Robusto
Havoc Churchill
1844 Reserva Robusto
1844 Reserva Churchill
1844 Media Noche Robusto
1844 Media Noche Churchill
Legacy Robusto
Legacy Churchill
Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Robustoi
Reserva Toro
Reserva Churchill
Reserva Real Robusto
Reserva Real Toro
Reserva Real Churchill
Cedro Deluxe No-2
Natural Churchill
Bully Grande
Romeo 1875 Toro
Romeo 1875 Churchill
Punch Pitas
London Club
Signature Robusto
Signature Gigante
Bareknuckle Pita
Rogue Ruthless
5 Vegas Limitada Tenth
AAA Maduro
Gold Robusto
Gold Churchill
Classic Robusto
Classic Box-Press
Miami Torpedo
Miami Toro
Cask Strength
Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut Robusto
Vintage 1999 Connecticut Petite Corona
Vintage 1999 Connecticut Churchill
Vintage 2003 Cameroon Robusto
Vintage 2003 Cameroon Churchill
Vintage 1992 Torpedo
Vintage 1992 Toro
Vintage 1990 Brooadleaf Robusto
Vintage 1990 Brooadleaf Toro
Vintage 1990 Brooadleaf Churchill
Burn Robusto
Java Toro Latte
Java Mint Robusto
EDGE Battalion Maduro
Java Toro Maduro
Decade Robusto
Decade Toro
Connecticut Robusto
Connecticut Churchill
SunGrown Torpedo
15th Anniversary Toro
Royale Toro
Royale Colossal
Ligero Robusto
Ligero Toro
Ligero Churchill
Prohibition Maduro Toro
Prohibition Mexician Toro
The EDGE Corojo Femus
The EDGE Maduro Femus
Saint Luis Rey Natural Churchill
Maduro Rothchilde
Serie G Maduro No-6
Serie G Natural Churchill
Serie G Natural No-6
Serie G Maduro Rothchilde
Serie G Natural Rothchilde
Titan Maduro
Helix Tubeler
Natural 6/52
Maduro 6/52
Partagas 1845 Gigante
1845 Toro Grande
1845 Robusto
Cifuentes Bland Enero
Cifuentes Bland Diciembre
Cifuentes Maduro Robusto
Cifuentes Maduro Toro
Ci Knock Off Robusto
Ci Knock Off Churchill
Oliva Serie G Torpedo Aged Camaroon
Liga Especial Serie V Double Robusto
Liga Especial Serie V Double Toro
Liga Especial Serie V Torpedo
Liga Especial Serie V Belicoso
Connecticut Reserva Toro
Connecticut Reserva Churchill
Serie O Toro
Perdomo Connecticut Habano Gordo
Champagne Sungrown Super Toro
Champagne Sungrown Robusto
Champagne Epicure
Champagne Churchill
Sungrown Travel Pack
Maduro Travel Pack
Connecticut Travel Pack
Nick’s Sticks Natural Robusto
Nick’s Sticks Natural Toro
Nick’s Sticks Natural Churchill
Nick’s Sticks Maduro Robusto
Nick’s Sticks Maduro Toro
Nick’s Sticks Maduro Churchill
Nub Connecticut 358
Nub Connecticut 464T
Nub Habano 358
Nub Maduro 460
Fresco Maduro Robusto
Fresco Maduro Churchill
Vegafina Fortaleza-2  Robusto
Connecticut Robusto
Connecticut Toro
Connecticut Churchill
Padilla Reserva Habano Toro
Reserva Habano Torpedo
Reserva Maduro Toro
Reserva Maduro Torpedo
No-4 Torpedo
CAO Gold Churchill
Las Cabrillas Natural Balboa
Te-Amo San Andres Maxico Robusto
San Andres Maxico Toro
La Duena No-2
Diesel Unlimited D-6
Hair Of The Dog
Rage Toro
Rage Torpedo
Omar Ortiz Originals Toro
Originals Robusto
Cusano Aged 18 Robusto
Aged 18 Churchill
Palo Prieto Aguilar Torpedo
My Father No-1 Robustos
No-2 Belicosos
No-3 Cremas
No-5 Toros
No-6 Toro Gordo
Le Bijau 1922 Petit Rousto
Seleccion Mexico Toros
Seleccion Habano Robustos
Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Maduro Super Gorgo
Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Maduro Toro Gordo
Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Maduro Robusto
Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Maduro Belicoso
Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Maduro Petite Robusto
Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Connecticut Petite Robusto
Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Connecticut Belicoso
Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Connecticut Toro
TB Serie SF Robusto
TB Serie SF Toros
Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Toro Gordo
Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Toros
Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Selectos
Flor De Las Antillas Sungrown Toros
Flor De Las Antillas Sungrown Belicosos
Don Pepin Garcia Original Generosos
Don Pepin Garcia Original Toro Grande
Don Pepin Garcia Original Toro Gordo
La Gloria Cubana Wavell
Esteli Serie R No-60
Serie R Black No-60
Serie R No-5
Nat Sherman Hobart
E.P Carrillo E Stunner
Inch-60 C-99
Inch Maduros
Maduro Cardinal 52
La Historia E-III
La Historia El Senador
Quorum Classic  Short Robusto
Classic  Robusto
Classic  Corona
Classic  Torpedo
Classic  Double Gordo
Classic Toro
Classic Churchill
Shade Short Robusto
Shade Robusto
Shade Corona
Shade Torpedo
Shade Double Gordo
Shade Toro
Shade Churchill
Flor De Oliva Flor Gold
Free Cuba Toro
Factory Throwouts Natural 49
Natural 59
Natural 99
Sweet 49
Sweet 59
Sweet 99